Corporate Performance Mapping

The Global Economic Environment is more dynamic than at any other time in the history of modern world. The swing cycles between high growth and economic downturns are most likely to get shorter.

The current economic environment offers huge opportunities for growth in emerging markets - more than ever before; At the same time, in this economically integrated world, the smallest shift in the economic tectonic plates can lead to a massive downturn, as we have experienced in the last few years.

This indicates the need for new paradigms of risk management. The role of Boards in corporate governance has to therefore evolve rapidly, from compliance & "giving direction" to providing sustainable competitive advantage to corporations, in this highly volatile environment.

Boards must clearly understand the intricacies and complexities of the economic environment - the opportunities & risks, partner more closely with the CEO & Management Teams, be proactive in advising the companies, and focus extensively on Performance of the companies on all key, substantive issues.

This means that the DNA of the boards must change - if they are to be effective. Aurora EPC offers strategic leadership training & coaching to help oragnizations identify the right DNA and competencies for organizations to enable them in building cogent, effective boards & management committee.