Recruitment Consultant

As Recruitment Consultants, we are not just the intermediary between Companies wishing to recruit and the candidates seeking a role. We are the vital link.

At Aurora, we assess & respond to the needs of each client as per the role requirement. Our highly skilled team analyses KPIs of each assignments and then creates a Job Description in collaboration with the client.
The scope of our work goes beyond just sourcing suitable candidates. Rather, we become the sales spokesman for the client, and create the ‘pull factor’ for each career opportunity. 

Aurora’s key role is to build trust, which includes: 

  • Unearth & engage the ‘best-fit’ candidates, even those who are not actively looking for a career move.
  • Brief potential shortlisted candidates on the opportunities offered and prepare them for the interviews.
  • Manage the recruitment process beyond just scheduling interviews to Offer stage. Right until the Onboarding stage.
  • Bridge communication & help negotiate remuneration packages wherever gaps exist.
  • Maintain transparency and integrity of the details held on the candidates.
  • Advise on career path and growth progression

.Aurora has the Highest Successful Track Record of POP     Ratio: