Aurora Group has been engaged in Talent Acquisition and HR Consultancy in Indonesia since more than a decade. Aurora registered the fastest growth in the industry for several years and has emerged as trusted HR Partner for more than 350 progressive tech Start-ups and multinasionals and has placed more than 1,000 candidates in 2018.

The company enjoys exclusive access to multiple portals, it leverages its domain capabilities, private database of over 4.5 million profiles, extensive network & relationships to acquire the best-fit candidates as per the role requirements. Aurora's committed & dedicated team work as per a customized process using a mix of conventional & innovative search tools to uncover passive jobseekers that are not detected by the usual Ad radar. Highly-evolved selection techniques & evaluation tools eliminate wrong hire.

Aurora has the quickest response time in the industry, having placed candidates within 24 hours of the assignment. And is known as Speed Dial for Talent Search in Indonesia.


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